Who Pays the Bills After a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Who Pays the Bills After a Motor Vehicle Accident?

The most important thing after an accident is that you are alive. Once the adrenaline wears off, however, you are faced with the question of how you will pay your bills and keep a roof over your head as you deal with your injuries.

Recovering from your injuries will take time, and you’ll rack up a pile of medical bills while you focus on getting better physically. These bills can quickly run into tens of thousands of dollars at a time in addition to routine bills such as your mortgage or rent, electricity, heating, and more.

These Costs Are What Personal Injury Lawsuits Are For

The good news is that you don’t have to pay all of these bills alone. A personal injury claim can result in a verdict or settlement that provides you with the financial resources you need to cover your medical bills, your lost earnings, your pain and suffering, and other auto accident-related damages.

Don’t Forget About Your Own Insurance

You can rely on your auto policy’s no-fault coverage to cover your accident-related medical costs on the front end, and tap into your medical insurance coverage – if you have it – to cover additional costs.

Your insurer will be able to pursue reimbursement from the at-fault party through insurance subrogation.

The Bottom Line

Don’t let these costs overwhelm you. An experienced personal injury can help you pursue all available coverage for the costs of your injuries, lost wages, and more. In addition, most cases are handled on contingency, meaning you will not owe any lawyer fees unless you receive compensation for your injuries.


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