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Birmingham Michigan Paternity Lawyers

The Dizik, Faber & Kaplan (DFK) Law Group is a premier legal firm located in Birmingham, Michigan, that offers specialized assistance in several areas of law. One of these niche areas of practice is paternity law. Our experienced team of paternity lawyers is committed to offering legal representation for clients dealing with complex and sensitive issues related to establishing or challenging paternity.

At DFK Law Group, we understand that navigating the legal intricacies of paternity laws can be an emotional and stressful process. Our highly-skilled lawyers ensure you receive the right kind of legally and emotionally supportive assistance needed to make this process less overwhelming. We collaborate with clients to determine the best course of action, considering unique circumstances and objectives to formulate effective strategies and solutions. These cases are often surrounded by significant emotional strains but the dedicated lawyers at DFK Law Group guide clients with empathy and integrity.

Proficiency in Voluntary and Involuntary Paternity Cases

Paternity actions can be initiated for various purposes including obtaining child support, establishing visitation rights, or contesting paternal responsibilities. Whether you seek the establishment or denial of paternity rights, our paternity lawyers are thoroughly trained to protect your legal interests and rights. We make the often muddled, complicated process of paternity clear and straightforward. With a wide breadth of experience in this aspect of family law, our paternity lawyers offer competent counsel to both men and women, mothers and alleged fathers, in a variety of situations and case complexities.

Our lawyers handle both voluntary paternity acknowledgement situations and involuntary ones, involving DNA testing, effectively. For voluntary paternity acknowledgment, our proficient lawyers guide you through the legal steps ensuring the certificate has been correctly signed and registered. When paternity is disputed, our expert team actively supports the client in DNA testing processes, while taking significant steps to protect your rights and interests in these involuntarily paternity cases

Comprehensive Representation in Paternity Actions

The Dizik, Faber & Kaplan Law Group’s dedicated team of paternity lawyers brings together a wealth of experience and a history of success in handling paternity cases. We are highly committed to providing personal attention, comprehensible legal guidance, and strong representation for each of our clients. Our law firm values your trust and is passionate about helping you overcome the legal hurdles associated with paternity issues.

You can rely on DFK to protect your assets, your reputation, and your future. Call 248-712-1056 or contact the firm online to schedule a consultation.

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