Experienced Guidance For Business Contracts

Overlook the importance of contracts at your own peril.

Having ironclad contracts in place can protect you and your business from financial damage and preserve your rights. In Birmingham and surrounding Detroit metro communities, you can turn to Dizik|Faber|Kaplan for help with all of your businesses’ contractual needs. Joshua A. Kaplan has extensive experience representing businesses and entrepreneurs at all stages of the business cycle.

Choosing, Creating And Enforcing Contracts

A man or woman’s word is not enough; it is crucial to make sure your rights and obligations are clearly spelled out in contracts. Mr. Kaplan’s business experience shines in this area of his practice. He drafts contracts with language that prevents many potential issues, and he reviews contracts to ensure they contain no loopholes in protecting your interests. He has experience with contracts such as:
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Purchase agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Lease agreements
When the terms of a contract are breached, you can rely on Mr. Kaplan to take aggressive action to protect your legal and financial interests. He is an experienced negotiator and litigator who is ready to take all necessary actions to make things right for you and your business.

Take The First Step In Protecting Your Rights

The time is now to make sure your rights and interests are contractually protected. Call 248-712-1056 to schedule a consultation.

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