Building A Strong Foundation For Your Business

The legal entity you choose for your business can have as much impact on your eventual success as your products, infrastructure and other assets. It is crucial to make sure your business is built on a strong legal foundation.

In Birmingham and the surrounding area of Michigan, you can turn to Dizik|Faber|Kaplan for honest counsel and skilled guidance as you form your business entity. When it comes to protecting the rights of businesses and entrepreneurs in all stages of the business lifecycle Joshua A. Kaplan has the experience you need.

Choosing The Appropriate Business Structure

Mr. Kaplan will take the time to understand your background, your business plan and the intricacies of your situation and make sure you understand all of your options. Some of the most common business structures or legal entities are:
  • Corporation
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Limited liability company (LLC)
Once you make your decision, Mr. Kaplan will focus on drafting the documentation and making sure your business and your personal interests are properly protected as you work to get your business idea off the ground. Mr. Kaplan is also available to provide your business with ongoing support and representation as your legal needs evolve.

Get Started The Right Way

Your choice of entity is crucial, and you cannot afford to be without the guidance of a knowledgeable business attorney. Call 248-712-1056 to schedule a consultation with Dizik|Faber|Kaplan.

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