Business Litigation

A Proven Litigator For Your Business

If you are in business long enough, you will encounter disputes. While most disputes can be resolved short of going to trial, it is crucial to have an experienced litigator representing your interests to make sure you are negotiating from a position of strength.

In Birmingham and throughout the Detroit metro area, that means seeking the counsel and representation of Dizik|Faber|Kaplan. Joshua A. Kaplan has extensive experience with all aspects of business law, from entity formation to litigation. You can rely on him to limit your exposure to legal and financial damage when disputes arise.

Full-Service Representation For Business Disputes

Mr. Kaplan has experience negotiating and litigating disputes in Michigan stemming from issues such as:
  • Breach of contract
  • Partnership disputes
  • Unfair business competition
  • Real estate disputes
  • Trade secrets disputes
His focus every step of the way will be on limiting your exposure to damages. You can rely on him to provide cost-effective representation focused on achieving a favorable outcome as efficiently as possible so you can get back to business.

Speak With An Experienced Litigator

The first step for protecting your interests is discussing your situation with an attorney to find out what options you have. Call 248-712-1056 to schedule a consultation.

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